The trailhead area at the parking lot is the main hub of the event. This is the checkin, start, finish & main aid station. Also in this area there will be a place where you will be able to leave a drop bag or rubbermaid container if you are doing the 25k or the 50k. You will be able to access your drop bag at the begining of each loop.

The course is a 12.5k looped course. The loop is basically following the perimeter of the park with the exception of the trail that brings you back in on North Willow and out on South Willow. The other exception is the area in the larger detail map. At trail marker #11 approximately 6.5km there will be a station where you will be able to refill your water bottle. From here follow the clockwise loop on the detail map, on this loop there will be a short out & back section just so nobody feels ripped off.  I know this can look and sound confusing but this will be well marked, and getting lost shouldn't be a worry.